About TOP-Page Photo

I think I will a little say to the photo on the top page.
( All photos on this site, is the author ( Billie) have taken.)
It is also in their memorandum.



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Henoko, Okinawa, Japan

In August 2010, I went to Henoko, Okinawa. Between the fishing port and the camp(US Marine Corps Facility), there was a barbed wire. Now, no longer barbed wire, are respectable fence is made.
There are, tent have been set-up, people are doing the protest, between 4955 days. ( Now, 4 years and 3 months have passed, 6515 days.)




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Autumn Sunlight Mono

I tried also to B&W photography.  Autumn sunshine, dead leaves, It is hard to express such as monochrome.  However, the B&W photograph, there is a charm. I want to be good.

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Autumn Sunlight Color

Evening of the day in a fall , I went to the park beside the nearby river . Cherry trees have turned red , it was very beautiful . Sunlight is full with be very happy , I took a lot of pictures . The following is a part of it.

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